ONE Place For ALL

Archiving and Electronic messaging System

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ONE Place For ALL

Archiving and Electronic messaging System

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DOX.PRO is a comprehensive document management solutions.


Prevent Loss of Documents

DOX.PRO prevent the loss of documents office significantly, it allows you to scan and capture documents on the spot and store them securely.

Cost Reduction

DOX.PRO reduces the operational cost such as copying and printing documents, personnel time, relocating and expansion of the office, disaster recovery cost ..etc.

Secure Access

DOX.PRO allows you to conveniently secure your documents, it offers a role-based access control feature, which only allows authorized users to access critical files.

Speed Up Document and Messaging Circulation

Quickly and easily access your files anytime, anywhere. DOX.PRO speed-up document and messaging circulation, allows team members to collaborate with fast and efficient file-sharing and message with each other quickly.

Tasks Response Control

DOX.PRO Controls the response to tasks assigned based on the business hierarchical workflow.

Enforcement of Standards

Reduce the time and effort needed to fulfil document compliance requirements and standards. Also, help prevent sanctions as a result.

Facilitate Decision Making

With DOX.PRO you work on projects, inquiries and contracts on the basis of current information, expedite decision-making and meet business-critical deadlines much more easily.

DOX.PRO Process

DOX.PRO enhances productivity and ensures business continuity by transforming documents into a paperless, safe, and secure environment. Moreover, it ensures seamless automation and transformation of paper-based processes into a fully integrated digital environment

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