Efficient Assets Tracking


Efficient Assets Tracking


With ASSET.PRO make the best use of all your IT and non-IT assets by recording and tracking them in one place.


Track All Assets

Maintain an inventory of all IT and non-IT assets, including workstations, hardware, and software.

Discover Assets Through Different Modes

Enable assets to be discovered through different modes, such as agents, Windows/network scans, and barcodes.

Organize Inventory

Organize your inventory with fine-tuned classifications like asset types and product types.

Secure Access

ASSET.PRO offer role-based access control feature, which only allows authorized users to track assets and see the updates.

ASSET.PRO Tracking System

ASSET.PRO Centralize information on all workstations, software, hardware, and licenses, and track assets and their changes with automatic, periodic updates. Predefine custom statuses for assets, configure cost and depreciation details, automate periodic scans on individual assets, and stay updated on the status of each asset.


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