Hash fascinates the Council of Deans of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology.

The General Manager of Hash, Dr. Ahmed Hassan, gave enlightenment about a group of platforms in the advanced EDU.PRO system.
The President of the University, and the Secretary of Scientific Affairs and the deans of the faculties expressed their admiration for the system and Dr. Ahmed answered all questions.

Dr. Ahmed Hassan, General Manager of Hash Company, with the assistance of Eng. Ahmed Khojaly provided an insight into a group of advanced electronic platforms in the Edu.Pro system for the Deans Council of the University of Medical Sciences and Technology.
There will be several platforms under the system, a platform for the university president and the secretary of scientific affairs, a platform for the deans of faculties, a platform for professors and a platform for its students. The platforms will facilitate the decision-making and follow-up process for everyone.
The system is considered one of the latest systems that will make a huge bang in the world of higher education and universities. The president of the university and the deans of the faculties have praised the system and the high technology used. The university promised to work and activate the system in the near future.

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