Exam sessions start at the National University using the EDU.PRO University Management System. The electronic exam system of EDU.PRO was used, and in a meeting with Dr. Ali Awadallah, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and supervisor of electronic exams at the National University, he stated the following:

The National University uses the E-Exam system from EDU.PRO in exams, as it has conducted more than 250 electronic exam sessions in 7 medical and non-medical faculties for more than 1000 students, and its benefits are summarized in the following:


  • An economical way, money wise (as the cost of exams has been reduced by 70%, as the cost of purchasing exam printing consumables of papers and inks have reduced).
  • An economical way of effort (in saving time, printing and photocopying exams and correction by subject teachers).
  • Ease of applying a different number of exams at one time or at different times to a large group of students and in different computer laboratories.
  • Ease of preparation, application of the exam and review of results.
  • Diversity in objective questions (multiple-choice questions, true or false, fill in the blank, matching questions, fill in the blanks and many other types of questions) with the possibility of attaching an audio file, a video clip or a picture with each question.
  • The possibility of setting a regressive time for the exam with a mechanism for the student to know the questions he has solved and the remaining ones.
  • Safety and confidentiality in the absence of a mechanism to breach the system.
  • The EDU.PRO exam system randomly switches between questions and answers for the same exam between students, which in turn makes it difficult to exchange answers between students (cheating).
  • Ease of use by students and supervisors.
  • Linking with other systems such as financial and academic decisions.

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