CareWare hospital information system

The size of information and data which any hospital deals are both complex and large. Hospitals that are managed without a truly integrated and online real-time hospital management system, find it increasingly difficult to survive in a very competitive market. By relying on antiquated technology that is not integrated, inhibits the ability of hospital management to make and take decisions proactively. Effective and efficient Hospitals utilize information technology, to process and manage data.  Within an environment subjected to continued change, the availability of correct, and up to date data to all levels of management have become an essential management requirement in hospitals.

CareWare is  a  Hospital  Management  Information  System  that  has  been  developed  in  the  Oracle Relational Database Management System and its development tools. As a result the system is totally hardware platform independent.

CareWare uses International standards for coding schemes. Coding schemes such as ICD-9-CM, the recently released ICD-10, CPT and ISBT for blood transfusion are supported within the system.

CareWare system provides automation for all patient related activities including all services provided during an encounter; capturing financial, administrative and clinical information related to the patient and case-management. Moreover, all other types of services related to ambulatory care provided to all patients are recorded and dealt with and reflected in the financial status of the patient in the hospital, on an online real-time basis.