Dental.PRO is a web-based software suite for dental care. Dental.PRO allows dental center/clinic owners to balance between providing best dental care and at the same time staying profitable and efficient.

Dental.PRO is designed to handle dental centers/clinics different activities. It comprises from administration and dental modules.

Dental.PRO consists of more than 10 modules that provides patient charting, scheduling, appointment management, treatment planning, dental and medical patient history, clinic material requests and inventories, lab and radiology management, alerts, notes, doctors and patients payments, general ledger, statements and reporting. 


Dental.PRO features


Dental.PRO benefits

·         Comprehensive

·         Modular

·         Integrated

·         Maintainability

·         Data Security

·         User Friendly Interface

·         Browser Interface

·     Efficient Data Management Saves Times and Reduces Costs

·         Ensure Accurate Information for Better Decisions

·         Maximize Resource Allocation and Increase Productivity

·         Cost-effective and Scalable System

·         Availability of Critical information

·         High performance at a small price

·         Quality of information