2017 recorded revolutionary business software advancements, and caused a turnover of brave corporate decisions and new  expectations.One thing, however, hasn’t changed at all – the need to optimize resources in the service of maximal output.

Businesses of today no longer have the luxury of refusing customers due to unavailable services, and this fact makes the possession of a reliable ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution an imperative condition for success.  

ERP software tools are commonly used for documenting resources and automating workflows and entries, and aligning in such way the value chains of corporate projects, as well as all critical processes. Why are so many companies interested in ERP software solutions? Available either as independent applications or modules incorporated in compact accounting suites, ERP systems entail a reasonable investment that cuts overhead costs and enables day-to-day automation. Once installed, ERP software gives you the clear picture of how you should allocate resources, simplifies regulatory compliance, and improves regulatory decisions.

ERP.PRO consists of several modules. These modules are: Financials, Order Management, Procurement, Inventory, Costing and Pricing, Supply Chain Management, Sales, CRM and the unique Human Capital Management that maximizes the input of your most valuable resource – your personnel. To make matters even better, ERP.PRO comes with built-in business intelligence, and integrates with a number of leading industry solutions to facilitate data migration.

HASH ERP.PRO Product Modules